28" Overall6.5" Rosette27 points9 loops2.5 x 24 Streamers2 x 24 Main Ribbon..
12.5" Overall4.5" Rosette2.5" Rosette5 pedals2 x 10 Ribbon..
16" Overall6" Rosette2.5" Rosette6 points6 loops2 x 12 Streamers2 x 12 Main Ribbon..
M3XL Series Medals are a unique blend of metal and enamel color. Smooht engravable or imprintable ba..
1.5 Inch Diving Medal Male available in Gold, Silver & Bronze...
2 3/4" bright bronze insert medals are perfect for an award at any event...
Beautifully detailed and sculpted A HONOR ROLL Medals to commemorate academic achievements. 2" Medal..
Star Medals offer quality & unique, classic design at a great price. Available in many themes. Star ..